Market Insight Programs

Win/Loss + Churn Analysis

Programmatically learning why you win – and critically, why you lose – is critical to a high-performing sales team. Equip your sales team to win more deals by utilizing direct feedback from your new customers and lost prospects to make the right adjustments to your go-to-market strategy and tactics.
Keeping a customer is cheaper than getting a new one.  We help you keep more of them with candid feedback from lost customers about why they left and what you can do to keep the ones you’ve got.


Evergreen Buyer Personas

Knowing what drives your buyers can help you close more deals. Aggregate Insights will speak directly to in-market ICP decision-makers to discover the key pieces of information you need to tailor your sales process to your buyer, including what would make them prioritize purchase, the outcomes they seek, obstacles to selecting your product, alternative solutions they would consider, and how things are purchased in organizations like theirs.


Continuous Differentiation Validation

 Do you actually know what unique characteristics your buyers truly value? Aggregate Insights will work with your team to identify your internal hypotheses about what is unique, valuable, durable, and provable about your offering. We’ll then test those proposed differentiators alongside those employed by your competitors with your ICP decision-makers to uncover what resonates most with your buyers.


Market Insights

Understanding how your market is changing is critical to win more than your fair share of opportunities.  We assess market dynamics via primary interviews and secondary research to deliver a broad view of risks and opportunities, enabling market-facing teams with the best messaging to win.