Understanding how your market is changing is critical to winning more than your fair share of opportunities.

Aggregate Insights assesses market dynamics to deliver a broad view of risks and opportunities, enabling market-facing teams to win.

How it Works

Aggregate Insights works with you to understand your goals, your product, and your market.

Our team of SMEs and expert qualitative researchers leads primary interviews with industry insiders (found by our dedicated recruited team) and conducts secondary research to answer your key intelligence questions.

We’ll share findings & analysis on key opportunities in your market and how to achieve better market fit, including actionable competitive insights and strategic guidance for executives and GTM teams.

Let’s talk about market opportunity.

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Learn how we powered more competitive takeouts for D2iQ.

Aggregate Insights at D2iQ

Q: How are market insights different fom competitive insights?

A: Market insights offer a broader view of critical market forces, beyond simply your direct competitors. Understanding indirect competitors, as well as do-nothing alternatives, equips you to compete more effectively in a complex space.