Learn what drives wins and losses to start winning more often.

Programmatically learning why you win – and critically, why you lose – is critical to a high-performing sales team.

How it Works

Aggregate Insights conducts in-depth interviews with your recently won customers and lost prospects to learn:

  • Why customers chose your product
  • What competitor (if any) your lost prospect selected
  • What works well in your sales process – and what doesn’t
  • What makes the difference in their decision-making process

We’ll share the insights you need to win more deals and make the right adjustments to your GTM strategy and tactics.

Let’s talk about winning more deals.

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Learn how we drove higher win rates at ModMed.

Win/Loss at ModMed

Q: Can’t I just ask my sales team?

A: If you want anecdotal or incomplete information – absolutely. It takes talking to customers and prospects to understand their side of the equation. And, lost prospects in particular are often more willing to be honest with an external third party.