Knowing what drives your buyers can help you close more deals.

Aggregate Insights speaks directly to in-market ICP decision-makers to discover how you need to tailor your sales process to your buyer.

How it Works

Aggregate Insights speaks directly to ideal customer prospects in your market to uncover the critical information that you need to inform your sales strategy. We refresh the buyer profile with additional interviews at regular intervals to ensure you always have current intel, including:

  • What makes your buyers prioritize a purchase
  • Outcomes they seek
  • Obstacles to selecting your product
  • Alternatives they consider (including not making a decision at all)
  • How the purchase process works organizations like theirs

We can tell you what matters to your buyer and their changing priorities over time, including actionable sales & marketing insights and strategic guidance to executives and market-facing teams.

Let’s talk about your buyer.

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Q: Can we ask our ICPs other questions too?

A: Yes. Our interview guides are customized to your project needs. We can evaluate other aspects of your buyer as part of our research process.


Q: Do you speak directly to my ideal buyer as part of your research?

A: Yes. We know that primary research (also known as primary source interviews) are critical to truly understanding what matters to your buyer. We will work with you to understand who you sell to (or want to sell to) and speak directly with buyers in your market.